Writer Banana Yoshimoto claims that we can rebuild the world starting from small things.
Nothing like ‘Small is Beautiful’ pays better tribute to the Fiat 5oo. Not only, it is a way of summarising the 60 years of history of this extraordinary car.

Small simple things are those we rediscover every day.
Far from ordinary, always indispensable, they are part of us and fill our life, day after day, more than big events could ever do.

Small things belong to all of us, are impressed into our memory, become our experience – something familiar that is both our identity and our image.
The Fiat 5oo succeeded in identifying and representing us for three generations.
This extraordinary small car spins a tale of great friendships, travel adventures and love.
For 60 years, the Fiat 5oo is more than a small car. She is a big vehicle for our emotions.