Walter Benjamin, a German philosopher, born into a family of art collectors, writes that the collector ‘divests things of their commodity value by taking possession of them. But he bestows on them only connoisseur value, rather than use value.’

And that holds true for the Fiat 500. Since its launch, it is more than just an object or a car– it has become a precious collectors’ item that embodies an unparalleled concept of utility and beauty transcending fashion and time.

Collecting Fiat 5oos does not mean just owning a legendary car, but becoming part of the world created simply by coming into existence.

The Fiat 500 is one of the most recognisable symbols of Italian design in the world and its values and concepts have contributed to its longevity. Its unique design, its transformation and continuity tell a never-ending story.

The Fiat 5oo is the Italian car that is most popular among collectors all over the world and according to Autoscout24, a European online car trading website, it is the bestselling vehicle among cars more than 30 years old.