This last room shows the 60 years long history of the Fiat 5oo. The environment is deliberately a symbolic place. Thus, our room is not set in any specific physical place. Rather, it is a symbolic place, which could be anywhere in the world, highlighting the cosmopolitan vocation of the Fiat 5oo.

A virtual art gallery that welcomes the most pop car ever produced, as well as other symbols of excellence of Italian design. Such as the Arco lamp by Flos, the Brionvega's Algol portable television; the Poltrona Sacco (known as Bean Bag), designed by Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini and Franco Teodoro; Guido Drocco's and Franco Mello's Cactus.

All objects/artefacts that, like the Fiat 5oo, are as innovative today as they were the day they were created; their style and personality makes them timeless. It is no coincidence that these products of Italian creativity are permanently exhibited in one of the most important modern art museums of the world, the MoMA, in New York.