The Fiat 500 is not only a car.
She is a style icon on 4 wheels, which has been travelling for 60years.
As a car, style icon and cultural phenomenon, the 500 has left her mark on the automotive and design history.
From 1957 to date, the 500 is an everyday masterpiece showing the world that ‘small is beautiful’ and that a car can be much more than just an object. Cutting edge technology, innovation and the highest comfort and safety standards, never stopped the 500 from breaking the rules, turning them upside down.
The 500 can’t bear rules and has no limits.
She is unconventional at heart with a unique personality that keeps her forever young.

The 500 transcends fashion, trends and generations: she imposes her own style rules.
Forward thinking and ahead of its time, 500 is forever changing, while remaining loyal to herself.
The Fiat 500 1957 model sold over 4 million units: today 400,000of those are still on the road, all over the world. In Italy, this means that 1% of cars is a classic 500.
The version launched in 2007 has already sold almost 2 million units.
If the time machine was a car, it could only be a Fiat 500.So, get ready to travel with her across time.

We are going to tell you her story, through a collection of information, anecdotes, curiosities and unpublished short stories, which we will place in five virtual spaces, five rooms that are representative of her history.
Visiting these rooms is like travelling through time, a historical journey through the design process of a car which can face the challenges of today’s world, without compromising her individuality.
This month we are in Dante Giacosa’s office, where the dream started, in Torino, in Italy during the ‘economic miracle’, where this idea turned into reality. This desk, this office, this work place is where it all started.

Are you ready to start?


500 Forever Young